"Through the GLOMOS course we have trained over 6,000 pastors in various countries around the world, which has enabled their ministries to grow hugely in effectiveness..."

Up to 62 percent of the world’s pastors have no formal training. There is an estimated 3.2M pastors in developing nations who have no Bible training. Global Action is standing in the gap by training pastors and lay people around the world. This training is done through conferences for pastors, youth and families, and an 8-month global modular training programme (GLOMOS) in India, Latin America and Eastern Europe.

Untrained pastors around the world long for an opportunity to learn, but lack the resources to attend formal Bible School. The Global Module Studies programme (GLOMOS) systematically and thoroughly trains Christian leaders in practical pastoral and theological instruction.

Global Action's Response to the Need

Global Action is committed to training ministers in developing countries, who often pastor churches in remote villages. They may have come to Christ from Hinduism, Islam or Buddhism by someone sharing Christ with them, through reading the Bible, or by receiving a miracle that took place in their lives. As they begin to share their story and the Gospel, people begin receiving Christ. Soon they find themselves the pastor of "the church," without any training whatsoever.

Global Action adopts a non-traditional, non-formal, and innovative approach where the training is not delivered in a permanent setting of a campus with permanent faculty. Training is conducted in facilities near students’ residences or places of ministry and work. Both national and international faculty teach the modular courses. The training takes three days a month for eight months.

Global Action has operated GLOMOS since 2001 and the results have been phenomenal.  Over 6,500 pastors and leaders have been trained and they, in turn, have trained many thousands more.

Mission Statement of Global Module Studies: Equipping Leaders for Effective Pastoral Ministry. You can support GLOMOS by making a donation and help us equip leaders.

Explanation:  Emphasis is being placed on development of Christ-like character, commitment to the Word, and competent ministry skills.

Characteristics of GLOMOS

  • A modular course structure which is offered at convenient locations for maximum participation of born-again Christians who desire effective training and who possess an aptitude for Christian leadership and ministry.

  • A training and learning environment that is unified, systematic, integrative, and reproductive. 

  • A faculty comprised of eminent scholars, practitioners and specialists in their respective fields with cross-cultural experiences. 

  • A curriculum that is Bible-based, Christ-centered, church-related, society-oriented, and practically designed to build Christ-likeness, commitment to the Word and competent ministry skills. 

  • An ongoing development of students leading to global impact and transcending denominational, cultural and national barriers.

A focus on achieving excellence and impeccable integrity while developing leaders for the kingdom of God.