We believe if God has called you to join a Global Action team, He will provide you with the means to do so.

If you have concerns about raising funds, you are not alone. Many individuals fear asking others for support, and you may share these concerns. However, you can trust the God of all creation to provide for your support, just as you can trust Him to attend to the myriad of other details surrounding our mission team undertaking. His hand will be guiding and attending to you and to us every step of the way.

We have provided some useful resources for raising funds towards your Global Action trip.

Click here to find a fundraising guide.  Providing both a spiritual basis and a practical framework for raising funds, this is your indispensable guide to raising funds for your trip.

Click here to find giving slips which can be given to all those who you ask to support you in your undertaking.  We recommend that team members use these when asking supporters to donate towards their trip.  The slips provide information on Global Action and allow us to track each payment that is made.