Our main area of work is to equip and empower pastors and church leaders for effective ministry at their local churches. We believe that every church should have a healthy minister who leads the congregation, builds strong leaders and healthy families, who make disciples and who bring the Gospel to their neighbours, marketplace, and communities.

  1. We start off by training Christian leaders who are either already leading churches, or preparing to plant churches.
  2. Once they have been trained, these leaders are equipped and supported to lead their churches successfully.
  3. Situated at the heart of their towns or villages, these churches are then best placed to reach their communities.  Many are in very poor or deprived regions and are starting innovative projects that relieve poverty and bring hope to these communities.
  4. Alongside this, they share the gospel.
  5. As a result, many of our church leaders are seeing numerous people come to Christ.  Because of their training, our church leaders are well placed to disciple these new believers, who often go on to bring others to Christ themselves.  Sometimes these second generation believers also plant churches, at which point they too require training and support.

For testimonies outlining what these church leaders are accomplishing - see our updates page