Thank you for praying with us!  Here are our prayer requests for May.

-Please pray for Global Action as we enter a new season of leadership.  Pray for RJ as he takes over responsibility for the charity.  Please pray that God leads him and strengthens him in his new role.  Pray that our partners around the world are blessed by RJ’s leadership.

-Please pray for our eight new graduates in Delhi.  Pray for God’s provision and protection as they start their new ministries in the Capital and surrounding villages.

-Please pray for an end to the epidemic of violence in Honduras.  The violence has spread to previously peaceful villages in the remote regions of Honduras.  Pray for our pastors and Christian leaders working amidst this violence.

-Please pray in particular for pastor Maldonado who is such a dangerous situation (see his update here).  Pray God will protect him and that this gang leader will come to Christ.

-Please pray for the summer camps happening in Ukraine this year.  Pray that many children will give their lives to Christ, and that they would experience release from the various problems that ‘bind’ them.

-Please pray for Igor’s visit to the UK.  That we will be able to make good connections with new supporters and update our existing supporters.  Pray for safe travels and good times of fellowship.  Pray that God will use this trip to extend His Kingdom.

-Please pray for the GLOMOS teaching in Ukraine, Honduras, Guatemala and India.  Pray that God will bless and protect the leaders we are training and equipping.

-Please pray for Nasko Lazarov, our Head of Operations in the USA, as he travels to Chicago this week to build more support for the cause.

Thank you so much for your prayerful support of our work.  It is only through your prayers and God’s grace that we can continue our great work around the world!