Prayer Requests


- Please pray for Fernando Ramos (our Honduran prison coordinator), his wife Kay and their daughter (pictured above)  Their daughter has been diagnosed with the Zika virus and Kay is currently pregnant, so they are obviously concerned about infection.  Kay is also ill with a bad flu.  Your prayers for their family would be gratefully received..

- Health for our staff around the world.  Many of our staff are facing various health issues; Desirae Tucker, our communications manager in the USA office is due to go into surgery over the next few days.  Please pray for all their safety and protection.

- The UK board members are due to meet at the end of April.  Please pray for wisdom as they discuss future plans for the ministry.  Pray that God guides the meeting and that His will is done.

- Re-writing of GLOMOS.  We are currently in the process of re-writing the GLOMOS training material to make it easier to teach and easier to learn.  This is taking a lot longer than planned.  Please pray for wisdom for the many volunteers who are helping us move this process on.  Please pray with us that the materials are the best that they can be.

- Finances.  Praise God that over the last few months He has blessed us with some generous partners who have come alongside us.  In particular, some churches in the North East have given very generously to support our cause.  However, we need to continue to press in to find the resources we need to continue our mission over the next 9 months.  Please pray that God will provide us with supporters who can help us in our work.


- Praise God that we are seeing a movement beginning to develop in Honduras.  Following a key meeting in September 2015, we saw several graduate pastors taking on the mantle to begin to train other leaders.  This was consolidated during an envisioning day held in January (picture above, obviously the temperatures were a bit warmer there than they were here!).  
Since then we have seen several talented and enthusiastic leaders commit to providing training in "hard to reach" areas, places we would struggle to visit.  We now have 14 graduate pastors who will be training over 350 other pastors across Honduras.

- Praise God that the banking situation we were facing in India has now been resolved.  As such we have been able to send enough money to the country to pay all our staff/GLOMOS bills.  This is so important as many of our staff had to go without salary for a few months.  Thank God we have been able to resolve this.