GLOMOS Bhutan Student Spotlight - A Warrior in a Closed Nation

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Bhutan is known for its beauty and its religion (Buddhism). Also, it is known as a nation which is ruled by a Buddhist monarchy. Our student, Habel, was very close to the king, Jigme Singye. In fact, Habel was one of the king’s personal bodyguards. His faithfulness to the king strengthened his relationship with the monarch. However, God had a different plan for Habel.  He faced physical challenges due to excessive drinking.  As a result, he couldn’t continue his duty to his king. When he had lost all hope in Hinduism and Buddhism, a miracle happened in his life and he accepted Christ as his personal Lord and Saviour.

In 1990, when he was completely healed from his alcohol related sickness, his king called him back into service but he refused and said that “I have found my true King and I want to join His army.” Since then, he started his evangelical work among the Bhutanese people. In spite of facing persecution, he never stopped because he believed that Christ wanted him to preach the Gospel amongst the unreached.

After some time, Habel started facing challenges because of his lack of understanding of the Bible. He started praying for theological training, but due to limited finance and family concerns, he couldn’t join a seminary. Also, as a Buddhist nation, there are no Christian seminaries in Bhutan. So, when he heard about GLOMOS he felt that God was answering his prayers and he joined the program.

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Habel says “GLOMOS is the backbone of my ministry, it gave me knowledge and understanding about the Bible. It helped me in my communication and it also developed my preaching. In a closed nation like ours, GLOMOS is a ray of hope and an answer to many prayers.”

Habel started a GLOMOS multiplication program in his church with 10 young leaders. This year he sent 10 more leaders to join GLOMOS. There are hundreds of leaders like Habel in that nation who need to be trained. Your support and prayers can make the difference.

Deadly Tornado in Cuba

Rick Thompson

Rick Thompson

Dear Friends, 

As you know, sometimes the headlines do not focus enough on the important things happening around the world. In fact, many of you are probably unaware that a deadly tornado swept through Cuba recently, though it was reported by major news outlets like BBC and CNN.

Global Action staff learned about the tornado because many of our own students were affected. These students are our heroes - people who are already making big sacrifices to study with us so that they can change their communities. They are now suffering significant hardship, some having lost most or all of their possessions.

We are still assessing the situation (power outages have made communication difficult), but we want to do everything we can to help our students. Yuniel Cruz from our staff is going to Cuba to assess the needs on the ground and organise relief efforts. Please pray for Cuba and everyone affected by the tornado. We will keep you informed on our efforts to serve those in need.  

Thank you for giving toward the work of Global Action. Your generosity is not taken for granted. Together, we are changing the world.  

Vision Day 2019 - UPDATE

Global Action will be holding a Vision Day ON SATURDAY 27th APRIL, 2019 FROM 9:30AM - 3:00PM at Streatham Baptist Church, 22 Lewin Road, Streatham, London, SW16 6JR.

Not only will this be an opportunity to share with you about the incredible things which have been happening with Global Action worldwide, we will also be spending some time seeking God in prayer about the future of Global Action and how to develop this amazing ministry.


Our keynote speaker will be Baroness (Caroline) Cox who became a Life Peer in 1982 for her contributions to education and has served as a Deputy Speaker of the House of Lords from 1985 to 2005. Lady Cox now sits in the Lords as a crossbencher and is a frequent contributor to Lords debates on Sudan, India, Nigeria, Uganda, and Burma. Lady Cox is very passionate about world mission and she will be sharing some of her insights as the President and Founder of Humanitarian Aid Relief Trust (HART).

We would love for you as supporters, church leaders, prayer group leaders and intercessors join us in seeking the Lord’s counsel. Lunch and refreshments will be provided.

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Africa is calling


According to the seventh edition of Operation World: The Definitive Prayer Guide to Every Nation, approximately half the population of Africa is now Christian. Whilst this is fantastic news, the work in Africa if far from complete. The vast bulk of Africa’s non-Christian population are Muslim (43%). Global Action would like to join in the fight for souls and communities in Africa by developing church leaders.

So, how can you make a difference in Africa? Here are 3 ways to show your support:

  1. Please pray that God will give us all the resources necessary for the opportunities in front of us. We have many leaders ready to get started in both West and East Africa, but we don't yet have the funding available. 

  2. Share the link ( to this update with your friends on social media to spread awareness, so they can pray and give.

  3. Donate today and start this initiative for change. 

Meet the new President of Global Action Worldwide - Dr Rick Thompson


Dear Supporters,

Recently, a class of more than fifty leaders were getting ready to graduate from our Global Action Foundations program in Honduras. They have spent the last year with us receiving foundational theological and leadership training. We are now sending them out to all parts of Honduras and adjacent countries to “Go and make disciples.”

I am writing to say thank you for your support. Your regular giving is making this happen — we could not do this without you. I am hearing story after story of lives being changed by the gospel. Those who know me may have heard me say before, when we are able to impact one leader, it creates a ripple effect. These leaders go out and change hundreds and even thousands of lives!

I’m thrilled to be serving in this capacity as the new President of Global Action, working closely with my good friend Bob Smith and our growing team. I want you to know that we are on the move. We are handling our resources with integrity, leading with passion — and we promise to keep you updated on all the exciting things that are happening.

Please pray now about how you can help us train more leaders who are changing the world. I am so grateful for your support — and am excited about what the future holds for us TOGETHER!

For His Glory,

Rick Thompson


Update from Guatemala

Rick Thompson

Rick Thompson

Dear Supporters,

I’m writing from Guatemala. I wish you could see what I am seeing right now. But one of the reasons I’m here is so I can tell you what God is doing. I’m looking at nearly 200 young men and women who are about to graduate from our program in Guatemala! My heart is pounding as I think about the difference they are going to make in this world.

As you know, Global Action is not only committed to providing a good ‘Foundation’ for these leaders through our quality 8-month program, we don’t stop there. We have a director here named Gloria who is getting things done. In addition to facilitating the program in Central America, she also works hard to stay connected to our graduates and continue increasing the quality and effectiveness of our work here.

After a graduate receives training, we follow up with them and we help connect them with organisations and resources that will help them lead their churches well and serve their communities with expertise. And all this is happening because of you. Won’t you help me spread the word? You can forward this e-mail to a friend and ask them to sign up, you can check us out on social media (Facebook & Twitter), or you can recommend our website to someone you know.

Thank you so very much for your support. We could not do this without you.

From Guatemala,

Expansion into Cuba

Rick Thompson

Rick Thompson

Dear Supporters,

Global Action is now in Cuba! We stepped out in faith when God provided a wide open door that we couldn’t ignore. We weren’t sure if we could do it, and it is a stretch for us, but we believe with all our hearts that God will bless this step of faith.

A pastor who provides leadership for several hundred churches in Cuba told us, in words that sounded like the Macedonian call — “Come over and help us.” As you know, there has been a lot of political and social change in Cuba over the past 50 years—and our experienced board is certainly aware of some of the challenges of serving in a place like Cuba.

But, to use the apostle Paul, a door has now opened to us. As U.S. relations with Cuba have improved slightly, we want to take advantage of this opportunity. We have a unique window to step in and provide the resources and training that Cuban believers are so hungry to receive. And we are heading to Cuba to train leaders who will change their country! Can you believe it?

Pray for us. And perhaps you may consider helping us with a gift that will help us provide resources for these pastors and be sure that they receive solid, foundational instruction and mentoring. Our classes are filling up in a hurry. We already have more than 200 pastors enrolled in the first year, with hundreds more eager to join as well! Wow!

None of this happens without you. Thank you, thank you, thank you for all you do. We will keep you updated on what is happening in Cuba. Can’t wait for you to hear some of the God stories!

For the Gospel,

New Developments in the Ukraine and Eastern Europe

Rick Thompson

Rick Thompson

Dear Supporters,

As you read this, our VP of Curriculum and Training is on his way to Ukraine to kick off a new location for our Foundations School in Lviv, Ukraine. He will get to personally meet the many pastors and leaders there who are hungry to receive training – not for the sake of knowledge, but for the sake of the lost and hurting around them.

Ukraine has been a political football since the Russian Revolution of 1917. From revolutions to civil war to the recent seizure of Crimea — the people and pastors of the Ukraine have endured many hardships. And that is one of the reasons we are there. We want to provide Christian leaders with the resources they need to lead their churches and change their communities.

Let me introduce you to Igor Grishajev. He is our director in Eastern Europe. And he has a vision to see Ukraine changed with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. And he’s getting it done. In fact, right now we are making plans to invite leaders from other parts of Eastern Europe to receive our training. We are excited to see that there is so much demand for the leadership development we are providing.

Thank you for supporting Global Action! We are on the move and working to change the world.

With Gratitude,

Rick Thompson

Colin's Trip to Ukraine

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Teaching Ukrainian students the final module of their 8-month GLOMOS Foundations course and then presenting awards to the graduates has been a big 2018 highlight for me. However, I knew that some of the students may never have seen a black man face-to-face before so there was a big surprise in store.  Small towns and villages in the Ukraine are highly unlikely to have experienced much ethnic diversity so this was definitely going to be a memorable trip. 

I definitely raised several eyebrows and became the topic of numerous discussions.  One student asked to feel the texture of my hair and when I visited a kids camp, two children asked for my autograph - my first!   Having said that, the thing that impacted me the most was seeing God at work in the lives of our GLOMOS students, often challenging them to embrace their calling and address the common leadership struggles of Christendom.  

There was quite a range of experience and depth of understanding amongst the students. Access to theological training is limited in Ukraine, especially for those who are now working.  I had a very strong sense that as the students were being 'rooted and grounded' in love for God, the churches and people that they represented were being raised to new levels of spiritual maturity.

A visit to a Roma children’s camp was such a blessing, especially because it was run by GLOMOS graduates. The graduates lovingly connect to the children both practically and spiritually and this opens the door to their families.  Other Christian leaders who reach out to the Roma community are now expressing a desire to receive GLOMOS training. 



New Training Centres in Cuba

Bob Smith

Bob Smith

"Exciting update! We just returned from a survey trip with Global Action to Cuba. We met with many churches and are excited that God is opening immediate doors for us there to work with Christian leaders. The people of Cuba are hungry for solid Biblical training and the fields are wide open right now within Cuba to reach the people with the message of Jesus Christ. We have been invited to begin training as early as September and expect a first training class of about 250 or so new or emerging pastors and leaders.

Below are just a few pics of our trip. Amazing what God is doing and so happy to be a part of the work with these amazing people of God. If you have a heart especially for Cuba — contact us and we can look for a way for you to be further involved!

We need your help in the following ways:

1- Pray for us and for the church leaders that we will be supporting in Cuba
2- Partner with us financially and help enable this important work — we need your help today!

Please pray for sustainable success as we help visionary and dedicated church leaders in Cuba equip future leaders to effectively reach the people for Christ!

GLOMOS Graduate Martyred in India

Our mission of training leaders in under-reached and under-resourced parts of the world often puts our ministry in some very dark places. Nowhere was this more evident a few months ago than in Ranchi, India, where Maoist radicals murdered one of our graduates. Abraham Topno was a popular pastor in a place where it is sometimes dangerous to be a professing Christian and even more dangerous to be a pastor who is bringing people to faith in Christ.

Pastor Abraham Topno

Abraham and his wife, Hulda, were raising three teenage children in a very poor farming village near Ranchi, while he faithfully pastored a growing house church. Our Global Action director in India explained to me via email that Abraham was a farmer himself and lived in such poverty that sometimes his family survived on only two meals a day. And yet he was known as an effective witness, and many people in the community were converting from Hinduism to Christianity.  It is widely believed that he was targeted because of that dynamic Christian influence. Our director explained it this way, "During his short time of work, he brought over fifty souls to the Lord, and that is one of the main reasons for this death. He was accused and threatened many times by anti-believer activists, but he never stopped his work."

Hulda Topno

Abraham was ambushed in a public carrier not far from his home on the night of May 1, 2018. He was stabbed to death and beheaded by his attackers, and then his body was set on fire. The gruesome method of his assassination was no doubt meant to send a message to his growing congregation and to all Christian converts in the area. 

We are praying for his wife, Hulda, daughter Susari (aged 19), son Aman (aged 16) and his youngest daughter Elisa (aged 12) and for the entire Christian community around Ranchi. As one can imagine, the long term prospects for a family in their situation is somewhat precarious. Global Action has started a fund to benefit his wife and children and to help ease their financial burdens as they pick up the pieces of this senseless tragedy. If you would like to contribute to this fund, please go here.

GLOMOS Student Spotlight - 'A Mountain Musician'


I am from Bijanbari and born and raised amidst of a place full of mountain ranges and valleys. There, I found myself growing with an artistic attitude towards life. The days out here are way different from living in any city or town. As I physically lived in peaks in valleys, I, too, emotionally have experienced stages of highs and lows. This instability led me to cling to music, something to feel the void. It strangled the need for God and altered my existence of reality. And as a young person, music hovered as a source to stabilise my emotional being.

Now, I have encountered the real music of my life ... Jesus Christ. He is truly a God who can turn every weakness into strength. One evening, a musical event became a guiding force to change my life for His glory. As a teenager, my friend took me to hear gospel music. The words of those songs caught my mind and heart and made me wonder whether someone shared my emotional struggle to the song writer. I was deeply touched and that evening, during the altar call, I gave my life to Christ. Since I was a musician already, I pondered more and more as I heard Gospel music and started changing my thinking pattern and priorities. This also led me to love to read the word of God, especially psalms and the life of David. When I learned about David, I was stunned to know his temptations were as real as mine. My life transformation began, and still today it’s changing me. I remember the song that says, "He is still working on me."

As I crossed my teenage stage and came in advanced years, I realised there are many young lives around my vicinity that are growing up with unanswered questions who need serious attention and mentoring. Hence, I decided to equip myself with sound biblical doctrine ... but there was a hindrance to this plan. I was not ready for seminary training due to lack of finances and responsibilities. God graciously opened doors for me by introducing GLOMOS in our region. I couldn’t go to Bible college but the Lord bought Bible college right in my hometown. I desire to sincerely focus on youth ministry. As the Lord answered my heart's cry, I am certain there is greater work to be accomplished.

GLOMOS Ukraine Graduate Student Spotlight

Pastor Konstantin

Pastor Konstantin (left) with Igor Grishajev, GLOMOS leader (right)

Pastor Konstantin's story is an example of how God works through GLOMOS in multiple ways.

Pastor Konstantin lives in the Ukraine with his wife and children. But for 8 years, they could not have children beyond the two they already had. In 2016, GLOMOS advocates Mike and Lesley Wood began praying for Konstantin and his wife. Since then, Konstantin's wife has given birth to two children almost every year!

We asked Pastor Konstantin to provide us with some photos of him with his family, so you can see evidence of this blessing. As you can imagine, with half a dozen children and several of them being under the age of 5, it's difficult to find time to take pictures, let alone share them. We delight in hearing about the abundance of love and family Konstantin is experiencing! God is great!

So not only does God use trained GLOMOS pastors to reach people within communities who need to hear His message, but he also works to strengthen faith and individual spiritual growth within the hearts of GLOMOS pastors.

Gracias! Gloria a Dios! Thank You!

Bob Smith

Bob Smith

"Those are the words my wife, Wendy, and I heard over and over again at our most recent pastor’s training in Guatemala and Honduras. Twenty-eight pastors from Honduras received vital training on church planting and effective community outreach—and are filled with praise and gratitude as they prepare to share the Good News of the gospel of Jesus Christ. We are praising the Lord today for the marvellous work that has been done. And, we praise God for the faithful support and prayers of donors like you!"

Your generous gifts to Global Action have made this Kingdom work possible!

Here’s the amazing part. Each of these pastors who has been trained will now be able to train additional leaders in their local communities and host an outreach to plant a church. This training can result in over 300 new churches planted in Central America. Imagine the thousands of lives that will come to know Jesus because of this training.

We praise God for what He has done in the lives of these believers. And, we thank God for you. Because of your gifts, 66,000 people weekly attend churches in Central America where pastors have been trained by Global Action-funded programs. However, there are thousands more needing foundational Bible training that can’t receive it without your help. Our goal is to train over 700 pastors and leaders over the next 12 months.

One of our graduate pastors, Marvin, had a dramatic life-and-death conversion experience that changed his life forever. After serving as a guerrilla soldier for 12 years with the Sandinistas in Nicaragua, he saved enough money to open a bar in his tiny town. He married a Christian woman who was praying for his salvation. But he wasn’t interested in what God wanted him to do—until one night, he collapsed and knew he was dying.

He made a vow, “If you take me out of this, I will preach your word.”

Marvin had a dream in which he heard a voice telling him not to waste any time and start a church. A few friends gave him money to plant a church. That was 10 years ago. He had a strong testimony. A love for God’s world. But absolutely no Biblical training. Without training to lead his congregation, it was difficult for Marvin to keep members in his church. Attendance dwindled.

Pastor Marvin celebrates his graduation.

Marvin heard about our training programme and signed up. He sacrificed greatly to attend the eight monthly teaching sessions, riding a bus for 9 hours each way to the site.

Today, Marvin has 100 adults in his congregation. And that’s not all. Marvin has already planted another church that has 50 members and brought that young pastor to training courses as well. Now, these two pastors are equipped to “make disciples” in a remote area of Nicaragua greatly in need of churches and pastors.

“This is the only training I have ever had to be a pastor. That’s why we get passionate about class and learning because it’s the first classes we have ever received.”

Throughout the world, Global Action holds Global Church Foundations classes to train other pastors like Marvin to equip them to spread the Gospel in the remotest areas of our world. By training local pastors, these areas are experiencing a sustainable Gospel movement. Churches are growing, lives are changed, and hard to reach people are coming to know Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour.

It is estimated that 85% of pastors in the developing world do not have any formal Biblical training. And, most pastors in the developing world have less than one hour of Bible training!

"Your donations can be an answer to prayer for a young pastor who has no other hope of receiving Biblical training.  Please do continue to support this impacting work and thank you for your continued prayers!"


Bob Smith
Global Action USA, Chairman of the Board


Pastor P (abbrev for privacy)

Pastor P was born in a Buddhist family. However, at 10 years old, Pastor P accepted Christ through the help of his Christian uncle. As an adult, Pastor P shared the Gospel with a terminally ill co-worker and realized his call to serve Christ.

Pastor P left his job and started working with young people by forming a football club. Before and after matches, Pastor P prays and worships with his team-mates who are mostly non-believers. Recently, a couple of teammates have shown interest and are taking an active role during worship. Pastor P also visits other villages and hosts sports events so he can fellowship with youth.

Pastor P says GLOMOS training made him stronger in his biblical knowledge and gave him confidence to preach and share the Gospel. Please pray for Pastor P that God continues to open doors and bless him in his ministry.