Colin's Trip to Ukraine

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Teaching Ukrainian students the final module of their 8-month GLOMOS Foundations course and then presenting awards to the graduates has been a big 2018 highlight for me. However, I knew that some of the students may never have seen a black man face-to-face before so there was a big surprise in store.  Small towns and villages in the Ukraine are highly unlikely to have experienced much ethnic diversity so this was definitely going to be a memorable trip. 

I definitely raised several eyebrows and became the topic of numerous discussions.  One student asked to feel the texture of my hair and when I visited a kids camp, two children asked for my autograph - my first!   Having said that, the thing that impacted me the most was seeing God at work in the lives of our GLOMOS students, often challenging them to embrace their calling and address the common leadership struggles of Christendom.  

There was quite a range of experience and depth of understanding amongst the students. Access to theological training is limited in Ukraine, especially for those who are now working.  I had a very strong sense that as the students were being 'rooted and grounded' in love for God, the churches and people that they represented were being raised to new levels of spiritual maturity.

A visit to a Roma children’s camp was such a blessing, especially because it was run by GLOMOS graduates. The graduates lovingly connect to the children both practically and spiritually and this opens the door to their families.  Other Christian leaders who reach out to the Roma community are now expressing a desire to receive GLOMOS training. 



New Training Centres in Cuba

 Bob Smith

Bob Smith

"Exciting update! We just returned from a survey trip with Global Action to Cuba. We met with many churches and are excited that God is opening immediate doors for us there to work with Christian leaders. The people of Cuba are hungry for solid Biblical training and the fields are wide open right now within Cuba to reach the people with the message of Jesus Christ. We have been invited to begin training as early as September and expect a first training class of about 250 or so new or emerging pastors and leaders.

Below are just a few pics of our trip. Amazing what God is doing and so happy to be a part of the work with these amazing people of God. If you have a heart especially for Cuba — contact us and we can look for a way for you to be further involved!

We need your help in the following ways:

1- Pray for us and for the church leaders that we will be supporting in Cuba
2- Partner with us financially and help enable this important work — we need your help today!

Please pray for sustainable success as we help visionary and dedicated church leaders in Cuba equip future leaders to effectively reach the people for Christ!

GLOMOS Graduate Martyred in India

Our mission of training leaders in under-reached and under-resourced parts of the world often puts our ministry in some very dark places. Nowhere was this more evident a few months ago than in Ranchi, India, where Maoist radicals murdered one of our graduates. Abraham Topno was a popular pastor in a place where it is sometimes dangerous to be a professing Christian and even more dangerous to be a pastor who is bringing people to faith in Christ.

Pastor Abraham Topno

Abraham and his wife, Hulda, were raising three teenage children in a very poor farming village near Ranchi, while he faithfully pastored a growing house church. Our Global Action director in India explained to me via email that Abraham was a farmer himself and lived in such poverty that sometimes his family survived on only two meals a day. And yet he was known as an effective witness, and many people in the community were converting from Hinduism to Christianity.  It is widely believed that he was targeted because of that dynamic Christian influence. Our director explained it this way, "During his short time of work, he brought over fifty souls to the Lord, and that is one of the main reasons for this death. He was accused and threatened many times by anti-believer activists, but he never stopped his work."

Hulda Topno

Abraham was ambushed in a public carrier not far from his home on the night of May 1, 2018. He was stabbed to death and beheaded by his attackers, and then his body was set on fire. The gruesome method of his assassination was no doubt meant to send a message to his growing congregation and to all Christian converts in the area. 

We are praying for his wife, Hulda, daughter Susari (aged 19), son Aman (aged 16) and his youngest daughter Elisa (aged 12) and for the entire Christian community around Ranchi. As one can imagine, the long term prospects for a family in their situation is somewhat precarious. Global Action has started a fund to benefit his wife and children and to help ease their financial burdens as they pick up the pieces of this senseless tragedy. If you would like to contribute to this fund, please go here.

GLOMOS Student Spotlight - 'A Mountain Musician'


I am from Bijanbari and born and raised amidst of a place full of mountain ranges and valleys. There, I found myself growing with an artistic attitude towards life. The days out here are way different from living in any city or town. As I physically lived in peaks in valleys, I, too, emotionally have experienced stages of highs and lows. This instability led me to cling to music, something to feel the void. It strangled the need for God and altered my existence of reality. And as a young person, music hovered as a source to stabilise my emotional being.

Now, I have encountered the real music of my life ... Jesus Christ. He is truly a God who can turn every weakness into strength. One evening, a musical event became a guiding force to change my life for His glory. As a teenager, my friend took me to hear gospel music. The words of those songs caught my mind and heart and made me wonder whether someone shared my emotional struggle to the song writer. I was deeply touched and that evening, during the altar call, I gave my life to Christ. Since I was a musician already, I pondered more and more as I heard Gospel music and started changing my thinking pattern and priorities. This also led me to love to read the word of God, especially psalms and the life of David. When I learned about David, I was stunned to know his temptations were as real as mine. My life transformation began, and still today it’s changing me. I remember the song that says, "He is still working on me."

As I crossed my teenage stage and came in advanced years, I realised there are many young lives around my vicinity that are growing up with unanswered questions who need serious attention and mentoring. Hence, I decided to equip myself with sound biblical doctrine ... but there was a hindrance to this plan. I was not ready for seminary training due to lack of finances and responsibilities. God graciously opened doors for me by introducing GLOMOS in our region. I couldn’t go to Bible college but the Lord bought Bible college right in my hometown. I desire to sincerely focus on youth ministry. As the Lord answered my heart's cry, I am certain there is greater work to be accomplished.

GLOMOS Ukraine Graduate Student Spotlight

Pastor Konstantin

Pastor Konstantin (left) with Igor Grishajev, GLOMOS leader (right)

Pastor Konstantin's story is an example of how God works through GLOMOS in multiple ways.

Pastor Konstantin lives in the Ukraine with his wife and children. But for 8 years, they could not have children beyond the two they already had. In 2016, GLOMOS advocates Mike and Lesley Wood began praying for Konstantin and his wife. Since then, Konstantin's wife has given birth to two children almost every year!

We asked Pastor Konstantin to provide us with some photos of him with his family, so you can see evidence of this blessing. As you can imagine, with half a dozen children and several of them being under the age of 5, it's difficult to find time to take pictures, let alone share them. We delight in hearing about the abundance of love and family Konstantin is experiencing! God is great!

So not only does God use trained GLOMOS pastors to reach people within communities who need to hear His message, but he also works to strengthen faith and individual spiritual growth within the hearts of GLOMOS pastors.

Gracias! Gloria a Dios! Thank You!

 Bob Smith

Bob Smith

"Those are the words my wife, Wendy, and I heard over and over again at our most recent pastor’s training in Guatemala and Honduras. Twenty-eight pastors from Honduras received vital training on church planting and effective community outreach—and are filled with praise and gratitude as they prepare to share the Good News of the gospel of Jesus Christ. We are praising the Lord today for the marvellous work that has been done. And, we praise God for the faithful support and prayers of donors like you!"

Your generous gifts to Global Action have made this Kingdom work possible!

Here’s the amazing part. Each of these pastors who has been trained will now be able to train additional leaders in their local communities and host an outreach to plant a church. This training can result in over 300 new churches planted in Central America. Imagine the thousands of lives that will come to know Jesus because of this training.

We praise God for what He has done in the lives of these believers. And, we thank God for you. Because of your gifts, 66,000 people weekly attend churches in Central America where pastors have been trained by Global Action-funded programs. However, there are thousands more needing foundational Bible training that can’t receive it without your help. Our goal is to train over 700 pastors and leaders over the next 12 months.

One of our graduate pastors, Marvin, had a dramatic life-and-death conversion experience that changed his life forever. After serving as a guerrilla soldier for 12 years with the Sandinistas in Nicaragua, he saved enough money to open a bar in his tiny town. He married a Christian woman who was praying for his salvation. But he wasn’t interested in what God wanted him to do—until one night, he collapsed and knew he was dying.

He made a vow, “If you take me out of this, I will preach your word.”

Marvin had a dream in which he heard a voice telling him not to waste any time and start a church. A few friends gave him money to plant a church. That was 10 years ago. He had a strong testimony. A love for God’s world. But absolutely no Biblical training. Without training to lead his congregation, it was difficult for Marvin to keep members in his church. Attendance dwindled.

Pastor Marvin celebrates his graduation.

Marvin heard about our training programme and signed up. He sacrificed greatly to attend the eight monthly teaching sessions, riding a bus for 9 hours each way to the site.

Today, Marvin has 100 adults in his congregation. And that’s not all. Marvin has already planted another church that has 50 members and brought that young pastor to training courses as well. Now, these two pastors are equipped to “make disciples” in a remote area of Nicaragua greatly in need of churches and pastors.

“This is the only training I have ever had to be a pastor. That’s why we get passionate about class and learning because it’s the first classes we have ever received.”

Throughout the world, Global Action holds Global Church Foundations classes to train other pastors like Marvin to equip them to spread the Gospel in the remotest areas of our world. By training local pastors, these areas are experiencing a sustainable Gospel movement. Churches are growing, lives are changed, and hard to reach people are coming to know Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour.

It is estimated that 85% of pastors in the developing world do not have any formal Biblical training. And, most pastors in the developing world have less than one hour of Bible training!

"Your donations can be an answer to prayer for a young pastor who has no other hope of receiving Biblical training.  Please do continue to support this impacting work and thank you for your continued prayers!"


Bob Smith
Global Action USA, Chairman of the Board


Pastor P (abbrev for privacy)

Pastor P was born in a Buddhist family. However, at 10 years old, Pastor P accepted Christ through the help of his Christian uncle. As an adult, Pastor P shared the Gospel with a terminally ill co-worker and realized his call to serve Christ.

Pastor P left his job and started working with young people by forming a football club. Before and after matches, Pastor P prays and worships with his team-mates who are mostly non-believers. Recently, a couple of teammates have shown interest and are taking an active role during worship. Pastor P also visits other villages and hosts sports events so he can fellowship with youth.

Pastor P says GLOMOS training made him stronger in his biblical knowledge and gave him confidence to preach and share the Gospel. Please pray for Pastor P that God continues to open doors and bless him in his ministry.

Important Update

Paulette and Colin.jpg

Dear friends,

Hello, my name is Colin Williams and I will be taking over as the new Director of Development at Global Action UK. I am so grateful to Euan Woolley who has laid a great foundation for me to build on. I know he will be missed.

Let me begin be introducing myself. I have been married to my wife Paulette for the last 20 years.  We both share a passion for worship ministry.  Also, I love to support Arsenal football team and I play golf whenever possible.

Before joining Global Action, I was ordained as a Pastor at Emmanuel Evangelical Church (Westminster) in 2010 and I have worked in full-time Christian ministry for the last 13 years.  In 2010, I graduated with a Postgraduate Diploma in Missional Leadership from University of Wales.  This course challenged my perception of mission and stimulated thoughts of being more engaged in outreach.  In 2013, I started leading short-term mission teams to India, Northern Ireland, Cyprus and Edgware, London. 

I am very passionate about the vision of Global Action.  In Cyprus, I saw first hand that Pastors in the developing world (generally speaking) need the kind of training that Global Action has to offer. Also, I saw just how much a young church benefitted from sound pastoral care.

I would like to see Global Action UK, including all who support this ministry, expanding our reach into new nations and continue to train Pastors and local trainers. To that end, Global Action UK will continue to need your input. We literally cannot exist without your generosity of spirit in finance, prayer and service.  I pray that just as you have blessed this ministry, God will continue to grant you His favour. 

I look forward to meeting you face to face.

Yours in Christ,


Important Update


Dear friends,

Thank you so much for all your support and prayers for our vital work training Christian leaders in the developing world.  It’s been such an encouragement serving alongside you over these last 10 years. 

During this time, I’ve been inspired time and time again by your generosity.  Some of you have given when you have little to spare.  Others have sacrificed time and effort to help us raise awareness of our cause.  In all these cases, because of your support, thousands of Christian leaders have been equipped for effective ministry.  Many have then gone on to transform their communities.  I hope you appreciate the huge difference you have made through your support.

After a lot of prayer, I feel that God has now called me to move on to a new area of work.  As such I will be moving on at the end of this month.

However, I’m pleased to announce that we have a new UK director in post.  His name is Colin Williams and I know he’ll be a great blessing to the work, both here in the UK as well as overseas.  Please see above for more information on Colin.  I’m sure he, like me, will be inspired and blessed through his relationships with you.

Please do keep Colin and Global Action UK in your prayers as we go through this transition period.

Thank you again for all your support and prayers, support which is vital to us as we equip the global church for action.

God bless,


Recruiting Leaders for Global Action's Training

Sometimes it can be a challenge recruiting the right leaders for Global Action's training (Global Church Foundations, GCF).  Often the temptation is to have clear parameters about who we will and will not accept.  And often these parameters are based on vision, commitment and ability, i.e. those able to commit to and understand the training.  And those who will go on and do something with the training. 

The problem with this is sometimes it means we overlook those who God has called, but who don’t “fit the mould”.  Gloria Fernandez, our national director in Honduras experienced this situation recently.

Last year, Gloria, along with the Global Action team attended a conference in San Pedro Sula, Honduras, organised by Rick Warren’s Church, Saddleback Community Church.  During the conference, Gloria was given the opportunity to showcase GLOMOS – Global Action’s leadership training.

At the end of her ‘plug’ twenty leaders rushed up to Gloria enquiring about training.  She was delighted about the response.  However, as she explained to them the sacrifices they’d have to make – financial commitment, time commitment, travelling to the training centre – one by one they walked away, shaking their heads in disappointment.  Finally, Gloria was left with three pastors.  They were badly dressed, illiterate peasants from impoverished villages many miles from the city.  But they insisted they wanted to be trained.

Gloria thought to herself, “how are they going to afford the training?”, “will they make the standard?”  She repeated to them all the difficulties they would encounter.  And yet they said again they wanted to be trained.  She knew they would struggle with the training, but she prayed, asking God whether she should accept them.  He then told her very clearly that she should.  And so she accepted them on the course.

The training was hard for them.  In fact, their low education levels meant Gloria had to assign them intense tutors who walked them through each module.  Come exam time, they needed someone standing behind them, helping them find the correct answers. 

But Gloria was amazed by their commitment.  They worked hard and demonstrated a real passion for ministry.  When they prayed during training sessions, the whole room fell quiet, amazed by their passion for God. 

During one of the modules, one of them couldn’t hand in an assignment on time ‘because his last candle burned out’.  This was the poverty they were from!   But they were passionate and committed to their training.  And although they struggled with most of the concepts, back in their villages they were preaching and discipling and evangelising.

GLOMOS is a programme.  And when we carry out programmes, sometimes we can be hindered by the many things we build into the programmes to make them a success – like recruitment strategies.  However, it is important to be sensitive to God’s leading, and to look for the people He is sending our way, rather than those we think are the right ones.

Pastor Guatam

Above, left and middle: Pastor Guatam; Right: Jaigaon, where we're training 15 Bhutanese Pastors

Pastor Guatam is one of our current students at our Jaigaon training centre on the Indo-Bhutanese border.

Once known as the “Witch Doctor King” of Bhutan, he was the man to visit when you wanted to put a curse on someone.

After a dramatic encounter with a Christian, he gave his life to Christ and embarked on a ministry of healing. In fact, it turned out he had a gift for healing far surpassing his former powers to curse.

As he travelled around the country healing people, people began to enquire about Jesus, and Guatam started leading them to the Lord.

He was desperate to minister effectively to these new converts and looked around for someone to teach him how to disciple Christians. But there was no-one available.

Finally, Global Action set up their Global Church Foundations training in the area and Guatam enrolled on the course. He has since shared what a difference the training has made to his ministry.

Guatam is one of many leaders we have trained in Bhutan.

Prayer Requests

1.     In the USA office, we are currently transitioning to a new accountancy system.  Please pray that this process runs smoothly.

2.     Pray for the USA office as they go through major strategic changes.  Pray for wisdom during this period.

3.     Pray for our accountant in the USA, Carin, as she moves on to a new job, and new chapter in her life.

4.     Pray for our programme coordinator in the USA, Nasko Lazarov, as he spends some time with family in Bulgaria.

5.     Pray for RJ Koerper and the curriculum team as they work to finish revising all the Global Action leadership training curriculum.

6.     Pray for Mike and Lesley Wood as they travel to Honduras and Guatemala to teach.  Pray for safety and a fruitful time of ministry.

7.     Pray for all our staff, volunteers and beneficiaries around the world, that God would protect and use them.

8.     Pray for funds for India.  We are £18,620 thousand pounds short of our budgeted needs there.  Pray that God will provide all the funds we need to minister there.

9.     Thank you for your prayers!  As always, please do get in touch if you would like us to pray for you.

Reaching an Unreached People Group

 Mountains of Intibuca, courtesy of Intibucatv

Mountains of Intibuca, courtesy of Intibucatv

High in the mountainous region of Intibuca, in Western Honduras, live the Lencas tribe, currently an unreached people group.  Intibuca is the most mountainous region of Honduras, with densely wooded peaks and rocky outcrops reaching up to 3,000 metres above sea level.  Because of the mountainous terrain and dense woodland, travel to and around Intibuca is very difficult.  Perhaps this is why the Lencas tribe has had such little Christian influence.

However, Gloria Fernandez, national director of Global Action in Honduras, is determined to reach this people group.  “We have a vision to reach all 8 ethnic groups within Honduras”, she explains.  “So far we have only reached 3 of these”.  And there is a great need to reach this particular people group.

Although there are churches serving the Lencas, the pastors of these churches have very little contact with the wider church.  “They are very isolated”, explains Gloria.  “They don’t get paid; sometimes the church’s collection is just one dollar.”  Because of this, their families live in great poverty.

Gloria is planning on leading an expedition to bring care packages for the pastors’ families.  They will provide them with the basic essentials they need for living.  This will be a huge encouragement to them.  It will also begin to build bridges with their hitherto disconnected Christian community.  The hope is that they will begin to raise awareness of Global Action’s training, so that those pastors that desire it will have the opportunity to participate in the training we provide.  We hope to bless those pastors, and to help them as they carry out their great work in a very remote part of the country.

Training in Jaigaon

 Students at the Jaigaon centre outside the training centre

Students at the Jaigaon centre outside the training centre

Amit Mondal, Global Action’s National Administrator in India recently travelled to Jaigaon, where he met the leaders we’ve started training at our latest centre.  Jaigaon is based high up in the Himalayas, on the border between India and Bhutan.  Here we train 18 Bhutanese Christian leaders who travel across the border to receive training.

Bhutan was until recently a closed country.  Even tourists were unable to enter the country.  Because of this, it was difficult for missionaries to access the country.  In fact, until recently there was only one church for the entire country (source: Bhutanese Christian Services Centre NGO, 2002).  Because the expansion in churches is so new, our training in Bhutan is equipping the first generation of Christian leaders in this country.

Amit shares his experience of meeting our students in Jaigaon:

‘This is my great joy to share with you about my recent experience when I met with our 15 loving and adorable brothers in Jaigaon. 

‘When we reached our school, they had already completed [the first module] Old Testament Survey and they were studying New Testament Survey.  At the end of the day, when their class finished, they welcomed us with great smiles on their faces, and with open arms. Before I asked anything, they started sharing with me the reason for their joy. The first thing they said to me was: “we are very happy and excited to be part of this training programme.  We praise God for GLOMOS, because we never expected anything like this before and we had prayed that God should teach us His Word. It was a wonderful experience to know and understand the books of the Old Testament in a whole new way.”

‘They couldn’t stop praising God. 

‘Most of the students come from hilly villages towards the centre of the country.  To reach our training, most walked four or five hours before catching a bus to Jaigaon.  This shows the level of commitment to the training these leaders have. 

‘One of our students, P David Rai, travelled two days to reach the school. David was in prison when he accepted Christ, and the high justice fined him 4,00,000 Bhutanese Ngultrum (about £5000) because he preached the Gospel.  

‘Another brother, Ngawang Jurmen, accepted Christ when he came out of his coma after 65 days.  He gave his life to Christ and never married.  He is a “homeless” person; he travels from place to place to preach the gospel, and three times he’s been imprisoned for carrying out this mission.  

‘Brother Tamang was a Buddhist monk who accepted Christ when he got healed and came out of his death bed.  

‘Brother Lukas Rai travels fifteen hours to reach the school.  He says: “I have been praying for GLOMOS training for the last four years after missing it the first time, when it was conducted in Kalimpong; God is kind to me”. Kalimpong is 22 hours travel from his village.

‘All 15 students shared their wonderful testimonies of how Christ changed their life.   

‘Most of them have been in prison for preaching and sharing Gospel, and all of them had no biblical training before GLOMOS.’

Pastor Guatam

Pr Gautum is one of our students at our newest training centre, Jaigaon, a town on the Indo-Bhutanese border, high up in the Himalayas.  Bhutan until recently was a closed country; even tourists couldn’t enter the country, much less missionaries or evangelists.  Bhutan's a Buddhist country, but before it was Buddhist, the predominant belief system was Bon.  Bon is an animist and shamanistic belief system, encompassing aspects of black magic and witchcraft.  Many witchdoctors and high priests operate within the religion.

Pr Gautum grew up in a family of witchdoctors, and following the tradition of his family become one himself.  As he got older it became apparent that he had a special ability to put curses on people.  In fact, he was so good he developed a reputation across the country as the best person to visit if you wanted to put a curse on an adversary.  People would travel from far and wide to visit Gautum, where they would pay him to curse and afflict their enemies.

One day, someone visited Gautum and asked him to curse a certain lady.  Gautum tried to curse this lady but immediately sensed he had no power over her.  His curse wouldn’t work.  Instead it rebounded on him and he became ill with a mystery affliction that none of his witchdoctor friends or family could counteract.

After about five months a lady heard about his affliction and came to visit him.  She told Gautum that she was a Christian, that she would pray for him, and that she wouldn’t leave him until he was healed.  Dutifully she prayed for him and visited him time and time again, each time chatting, praying, and ministering to him.

During one of these visits, it emerged that the woman was the same lady that he had unsuccessfully tried to curse.  Guatum was immediately filled with terror.  He confessed what he’d done to the lady.  She calmly told him it wasn’t her that he needed to apologise to, but God.  And so she led him to the Lord.

Soon afterwards Gautum was healed.

After becoming a Christian, Gautum regularly read his Bible.  As he read it, there was a passage which he felt particularly drawn to.  It was a verse from James 5, where it says: “Confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you might be healed.  For the prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective”.

From this passage, Gautum felt led to pray for the sick in his community, and it turned out that he had a gift of healing.  Time and time again he would pray for someone, and they would be healed.  Soon he developed a reputation as a healer, and people would travel far and wide to visit Gautum to receive prayer so that they or their loved ones could be healed! 

God is bringing hope and healing to many people in this region through Gautum’s faithfulness.

However, Gautum has been desperate to evangelise and minister to the people that he has been healing, yet has felt ill-equipped to do so.  As a result we are training him to be an effective missionary and pastor, so that he can share the gospel to those that he has helped.

Prayer Requests

-Please pray for our national director in Honduras, Gloria Fernendez.  She is currently very ill with a bacterial infection.  Please pray for healing.  Pray also for wisdom for the doctors.

-Please pray for the trustees of Global Action in the UK.  We are due to meet to discuss vision and strategy later this month.  Please pray for wisdom over these discussions.  Please do share with us any pictures or words that come to you as you pray.

-Please pray for our training in all our schools around the world.  Pray for those that we’re training, and for their ministries.

-Please pray for all our graduates, those we have trained in previous years.

-Please pray for the government in India.  Pray that God would use them to further His Kingdom in India.

-Please pray for the violence in Eastern Ukraine, that God would bring peace.

-Please pray especially for our newest training centre in the Himalayas, on the Indo-Bhutanese border.  Pray that training would get “off to a flying start”.

-Pray for the work in the Sundarbans, that they would successfully oppose people trafficking and promote safety and well-being in this region.