Reaching the country

Pictures: Left, graduate pastors posing for group picture; Middle, brainstorming how they can equip other leaders across the country; Right, leaders praying over a map of Honduras

While in San Pedro Sula I attended a meeting with about a dozen pastors who we have trained through GLOMOS over the last 5 years.  They came from all over the country.  They were there to discuss and brainstorm how they could help bring GLOMOS to their provinces in order to equip local pastors who lack any access to training or support.

It was inspiring to see their excitement and vision about what could be accomplished.  They all felt GLOMOS was vital in helping local church leaders succeed.  We discussed them each taking responsibility for coordinating training in their own regions.  They even talked about raising funds for each other’s regions, so that they could each bless other parts of Honduras with training.

This is so exciting for us!  We are seeing leaders that we have trained taking responsibility for supporting and training other leaders!  It means that we aren’t carrying all the responsibility for providing this resource, but we are working with passionate nationals who are want to help their colleagues across the country.

It also means that so much more will be accomplished!  We will be able to coordinate training for at least 120 more leaders next year without having to raise any extra funds for this!

Please pray for these graduate leaders.  Pray that God would bless them as they plan and prepare how best to carry out this vision.  Pray that the necessary funds and resources would be provided and that they find the right leaders to train.