Experiencing the Holy Spirit in Delhi

Above left: Maxwell George, GLOMOS coordinator for Delhi; Above right: 2015 students at the Delhi class

During our classes, God sometimes shows up in amazing ways. The students receive knowledge but they also experience the power of God in their lives. We received this exciting report last week from Maxwell George, our Uttar Pradesh GLOMOS Director, about one such recent experience: 

"During the doctrines Module in Delhi last month, we were teaching on the Trinity. Incredibly, we began to feel the presence of God's spirit so strongly in the classroom. One of the students, Pastor Kamal Kishor who pastors a church near Delhi, began to cry. As tears came down his face, I looked around and the other students were visibly experiencing a similar encounter with God. When I had first begun to teach the subject, the students were somewhat disoriented and asked many questions about the Trinity but at the moment we began to feel God's presence, the students seemed to understand the chapter so easily. After the chapter, I felt strongly that we should spend some time just praying. 

At tea break, I asked Pastor Kamal why He had begun to cry and this is what he said, 'I saw Jesus in front of my eyes, and I was very much moved by His presence. I could not control myself. All I wanted to do was worship my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I don't know how tears came into my eyes.'" 

It is important to understand the Bible and doctrine but this reminds us that sometimes, we need the intervention of the Holy Spirit. How exciting!