Sabna’s ministry

Sabna comes from a Christian family in a region of Northern India called Sikkim.  From an early age, she had a desire to serve the Lord and God put a passion in her heart to evangelize “unreached” people groups.  Because her family had dedicated her to God, they understood when she came to them one day and told them that she was going away to be a missionary.  Not only did they understand, but they also encouraged her to do so even though she is a single lady.

In 2009, she left her home and family to become a missionary in a small village called Samalgu that is predominantly Buddhist. It is a remote village nestled in the mountains surrounded by the countries of Tibet, Nepal, and Bhutan.  The nearest town is hours away by car.

In that culture, she had at least 4 strikes against her – she was single, she was female, she was a foreigner, and she was a Christian. Although she grew up in a Christian home, she had almost no Bible training and her passion for and dedication to the Lord were her “ministry” assets. She was grossly underequipped to tackle the task before her.

In 2012, she was able to attend GLOMOS, our 8-month Biblical course that equips ministers with the essentials for Biblical Christian leadership. She was able to continue living and ministering in the field because she was only gone 3 days per month.  Here is what she said about the training:

“GLOMOS was a tremendous help to my ministry. I learned how to study the Bible so that I could understand it better and prepare messages to help others understand it better as well. What can I say - I just know better!”

As a result…

When she arrived in the village, there was only one known Christian family out of thousands of families in the valley. Basically, she was all alone except for God.  Because of the challenges she faced, she had very little results in presenting the gospel when she visited the homes of those where she lived.

God gave her an idea.  She began to help bring water into the village and build water tanks in each home that had no water.  In order to be a witness to the community, she worked in the rice paddies every day, helping many families sow their rice crops.

One day, a young man came to her and questioned her about why she why helping them. She shared the gospel with him and immediately, he believed and was baptized. Soon after, a girl came forward and confessed that she believed and was baptised.

Today, there are 3 more families that have believed and accepted Christ.  It may seem so little after 6 years of hard work but this is not easy.  There are dozens of people that will now inherit eternal life because of the sacrifices she has made.  What a miracle!

Within the next year, they will begin to build a small church building with the help of her sending church.

Please remember to pray for this incredibly dedicated servant of the Lord.