From Ukraine to London

Pr Sasha graduated from our GLOMOS training a few years back.  Here he shares a little about his background and his heart for reaching London’s Russian speaking community.

I became a Christian in 1992, soon after the fall of the Soviet Union.  After becoming a Christian I sensed a strong call to ministry; it wasn’t long before God had me pastoring a church.

I got married shortly afterwards and we had three sons: Dima, Sasha and Ilya.  Sadly my wife died after Ilya was born and we were left without her.  Even though this was a very difficult time for us, God’s call remained on my life and I continued with my ministry in the church.

Soon I began to see my church grow bigger and bigger, especially our youth services.  We saw the youth services explode, which was such a pleasure to behold.  This continued to be the case, such that last year we planted 10 churches across Ukraine where we are reaching many young people for God.  We also have sister churches in Russia.

It wasn’t long before I realised that I needed theology and leadership training to help me minister effectively, so I enrolled on Global Action’s GLOMOS training.  This was such a blessing for me.

My heart for reaching London’s Russian community started with the Maiden Square events of 2013 and 2014.  As a country we began to look more towards Europe.  At the same time I felt a strong sense that God was calling me to reach the lost within Europe.  However, I didn’t know where to start.  I prayed and prayed that a door would open, but none did. 

Eventually at a conference in Ukraine I met a pastor from London.  He encouraged me that I should come to London.  At first I was hesitant, London is the most expensive city in Europe and it is hard to get visas for the UK; I was really unsure if this was from God.  However, God confirmed this call to me through several events and now I’m planning to move to London and start ministry.

My vision is to reach Russian speakers in the capital where I will be meeting with them and sharing the good news of Jesus.  There is a great need for ministry within the Russian-speaking community in London.  God has given me a picture to win these people to Christ, then to train and send them to other parts of Europe where they also can share the gospel.  I plan to use my training through GLOMOS to equip them with the same skills that I’ve learned.

I also have a passion to build greater links between churches in the UK and churches in Ukraine; partnerships that will help provide mentoring and training for Ukrainian church leaders.  I hope to see churches in Ukraine and the UK working closer together for the gospel.

[Pastor Sasha is currently visiting London until 10th February.  If you would like him to share at your church about his work please make contact with Euan Woolley on]