Training the Trainers

   Commissioning the trainers

   Commissioning the trainers


Plan for 2016: This January, one of our GLOMOS lecturers from Denver, RJ Koerper, and Phil held our first 2-day “Training the Trainers” seminar.  We hosted 35 GLOMOS graduates who were the “cream of the crop” of our Honduran classes through the years. These men and women, mostly church leaders themselves, will take GLOMOS to the uttermost parts of Central America where we cannot go, and the students cannot come.  We will start 14 new locations that will all be taught by national leaders. We expect to have at least 350 students in 2016. This is the next phase for Global Action.  We plan to hold these seminars in the other regions of the world in late 2016, and early 2017.  This will allow us to train multiples of pastors, at a fraction of the expense.  In the “Training the Trainers” seminar, we teach the students how to teach more effectively, how to motivate students to learn, and go through the modules so they know what to emphasize and how to test understanding.  We gave them each training materials and a beautiful Global Action banner with the name of their location.  They look professional!

Here are the locations that we hope you adopt and pray for:

1.      San Predo Sula, Honduras

2.      El Centro Penal, SAP, Honduras (prison)

3.      Tocoa, Colon, Honduras

4.      Palacios, Moskitia, Honduras

5.      Gracias, Lempira, Honduras

6.      Chamalecon, San Pedro, Honduras

7.      Puerto Barrios, Izabal, Guatemala

8.      Livingstone, Izabal, Guatemala

9.      San Pedro Copan, Honduras

10.   Dos Caminos Cortes, Honduras

11.   Pimienta, Honduras

12.   Trujillo, Honduras

13.   Brus Laguna La Moskitia, Honduras

14.   Omoa, Honduras

15.   Theos, San Pedro Sula, Honduras