Jaime Ariza

Above Left, Jaime graduating from training (centre); Above Centre, Commissioning talk at graduation; Right, Graduation pictures.

This year, some of Global Action's former students helped the Global Action Honduras staff provide training for other Church Leaders in remote locations of Honduras.  Pastor Jaime Ariza was one of these trainers.

In 2013 Pastor Jaime  from the Miskito Ethnic tribe of Honduras, would travel 14 hours by boat and bus to get to the city of San Pedro Sula to be trained and equipped by GLOMOS.  This was only possible with the help of a missionary couple from the United States.  They would faithfully donate $150 (about £120) every month to cover the cost of transportation only.  During that year of training, Pastor Jaime would pray for the opportunity to bring other pastors to San Pedro Sula where they could  receive the life transforming training he was experiencing.  He knew that pastors from his community of Brus Laguna, in the jungles of La Moskitia, desperately needed this kind of ministerial training.  In Janurary of this year, he participated in a special GLOMOS teacher training in Guatemala.  Our best students were going to become teachers in their own villages and towns.  He recruited 14 students from different churches in his home region of Misquito.  He taught in both Spanish and Miskito.  This is the first GLOMOS class that Global Action has graduated in this remote community.  God has placed in our hearts the burden to reach all eight ethnic groups in Honduras to give them the training and tools for an effective ministry.