Prayer Requests

Thank you for your prayers!

1.     Please pray for Igor Grishajev (our national director in Ukraine) and his family.  Some of you will remember Igor from his visit here earlier this year.  Igor recently lost his mother; the funeral was earlier this week.  Please pray for peace and healing for the family.

2.     Please pray for the Gypsy community in Western Ukraine where we equipping local Church Leaders (see the video on our training in this location).  This community has faced lots of hardships.  Most of the Gypsies there live in shantytowns, with little access to education or healthcare.  The winter will be bitter and will hit them hard.  Pray for safety and health.

3.     Pray for our partner pastors in northern India as they carry out our annual Blanket Distribution project.  Many people in the region face freezing winter conditions and they lack basic shelter and warm clothing.  This is why this work is so essential. 

a.     Pray that the blankets get distributed in time. 

b.     Pray also that there are opportunities for evangelism.

4.     Please pray for finances, especially for Global Action USA.  It has been a more difficult year financially, yet there are so many people dependent on our income.  Pray that God will bring forward the right people to fund our ministry.

5.     Please pray for the safety of our students in Honduras.  Many, like Edwin Avilez, face great danger.  Pray also for our national director, Gloria Fernandez and her family as they face the risk of personal harm due to the gang violence.

6.     Pray for the GA leadership team in Honduras as they select new trainers and students ahead of the next training cycle.  Pray that God will bring forward the right trainers and students.

7.     Pray as the GA International leadership team oversee the writing and publishing of new materials for our training.  Pray that God would direct this process and would give the curriculum writers wisdom.

8.     Pray for the class and teaching team in the prison in San Pedro Sula, Honduras.  The atmosphere in the prison is currently thick with hatred, and violence keeps breaking out. Last week the prison administrator, a guard and an inmate were killed.  Pray for protection for our volunteers in the prison.

9.     Please pray for our staff as they plan training in India and Central America.  Pray for wisdom and direction ahead of the next training cycle.

10.  Please pray for our community of supporters and volunteers in the UK.  Pray for protection and safety this Christmas.  Pray that we would all be brought closer to God this Christmas.


As always, please let me know if you have any prayer requests.  I can then pass these along to the Global Action community around the world who will be able to bear you in prayer.  Some of them are great prayer warriors – it is well worth having their support!!