Ram's Story: From Hindu to Healed

Being raised Hindu, Ram Naresh was taught that his real “self” was not subject to sorrow, psychological problems, and other such inconveniences.  In reaching this level of self, one finds freedom.  However, one day his wife became so sick she was admitted into the hospital and he was told she may not come out.  He felt bound, not free at all.  Inside the hospital, he met someone who told him that he should give up everything and cry out to Jesus.  In his desperation, he cried out to Jesus, and miraculously his wife was healed.  At that point, he believed in Jesus and began to read a Bible that someone had given him.  When he read the verse, “Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you and your household shall be saved…”, he began, in childlike faith, to pray that prayer.  Within a short time, the Lord heard his prayer and his whole family was saved!

One day, as Ram knelt in prayer, he saw a vision of Christ.  In the vision, Jesus was placing His hand on many sick people and they were all healed.  Ram decided that from that point on, he would do the same.  Every week, he would go into the surrounding villages and preach the Gospel.  From the day he saw the vision, he began to also lay hands on the sick and pray for them.  Many people have been healed, and from that many have been saved.

Ram recently graduated from our Foundational Biblical Studies and has planted 5 churches that have an average attendance currently of 30 members.  He is excited and hopes to plant many more churches in the adjoining villages within his district.