Delhi Graduation

Last Friday, in front of friends and family, eight pastors graduated from the Global Action (GLOMOS) training in Delhi.   The ceremony, held at a Central Delhi church, was a wonderful occasion.  Many friends and family of the graduates came out to support our trainee Christian leaders. 

Between them, these leaders minister to about 200 people each Sunday at their respective churches.  On top, they also minister to hundreds of others through various evangelistic and other outreach activities.  It was exciting hearing about their different ministries, how God is using them, and how God has helped them grow personally through our training.  GLOMOS training has built real depth into their lives and ministries, helping them be effective witnesses to those around them.

One thing that each of the graduates shared was how, before receiving training, they had often felt dissatisfied in their ministry and even in their walk with God.  Many shared that although they felt called by God to preach, they didn’t really know what they were doing – they felt like they were walking blind.  However they shared that the training not only gave them a better understanding of God’s Word and what to teach; it also gave them an increased love for Scripture.  Maxwell George (Delhi coordinator) shares: “Over the course of the year I have seen the change in their lives.  They are at peace with their work, and we hear from the people who have been blessed through their ministry.”

Some of our graduate alumni came along to encourage and commission those that graduated this year.  Among them was one of our Delhi graduate leaders, who now pastors four churches in the city.  He led the graduates in a prayer of commissioning before handing out the certificates of ministry to the graduates.  Pastor Ajeet from Delhi Bible Fellowship, gave the message, preaching on Acts 20 v 17-35.

Maxwell shares how the next stage of the training will be the most challenging.  He will now work to provide mentoring and support for our 8 graduates as they start out using their new training.  He shares it is now his job to stand with them and help them in their ministry.  One way he plans to do this is to arrange seminars on practical aspects of ministry.  These often involve experienced graduates as well as subject experts providing the teaching.  Because they have had lots of experience in different topics of ministry, they will be able to help our graduates work through the different issues they begin to encounter as they start ministry.  This peer-to-peer mentoring is an excellent way of helping our graduates continue to develop their ministry skills.

Thank you for your support in helping us provide this vital training for our pastors in Delhi, as well as other parts of India

Pictures above: Left, Maxwell George our Delhi coordinator; Middle: pastor Vipin one of our Delhi graduates; Right: Salma Sultan graduating.  Salma converted from Islam before deciding to become a pastor..