Pastor Maldonado

Thank you for your prayers and support of our leaders working in Honduras.  The leaders we have trained are making a huge difference in their communities, often in places abandoned by other groups.  The places ‘despised’ by others.

This is certainly the case with pastor Wilson Maldonado, who graduated from Global Action’s leadership training a few years ago.  He works in an area of San Pedro Sula which has been taken over by the 18th gang.  As we’ve said many times before, San Pedro Sula is one of the world’s most violent cities.  This particular gang has been instilling terror in the local population and its churches so that it can get control of the land.  As a result most people have left their homes and moved to other areas of the city.  The empty houses and broken windows are testament to the gang’s ability to strike fear into people’s hearts.

Pr Maldonado refused to abandon the few remaining people in the neighbourhood and now leads the only Church left in this area of San Pedro Sula.  He sees this battleground as his mission field because he believes even the worst places can be redeemed for God’s Kingdom. 

But he faces tremendous risks in this mission.  The leader of the 18th gang recently approached him and told him that he can’t stand to see pr Maldonado around.  He also said that he doesn’t know why he hasn’t killed pr Maldonado.  The gang leader then gave pr Maldonado an ultimatum…”close down your church and leave or we’ll kill you”.  His last words to pr Maldonado before he walked away were, “there’s something about you that bothers me.”

Pr Maldonado is determined to stay and minister to this gang.  Please pray for him as he continues his mission.  Pray for his safety and protection as he serves God.  Please also pray for the salvation of this gang leader and the members of his gang.