Igor's visit to the UK

Dear friends,

Last month we had a very successful visit from Igor Grishajev (Global Action national director, Ukraine) and his wife, Tanya.  We were blessed to travel together to visit churches across the country, where Igor encouraged the congregations we visited with testimonies from his work in Ukraine.  It was wonderful to see how many churches were inspired by hearing about the work in the field.  In particular we were really excited to see a number of people commit to joining short term mission teams to Ukraine next year! 

We also had meetings with church leaders, cell groups, Bible Schools, Sunday services and even one primary school near Newcastle.  This was particularly encouraging as we had the opportunity to tell the children about God’s love for them while we were with them.  All these meetings helped raise awareness of our cause and how God is working to build His Kingdom in Ukraine.

While Igor was in the UK we were also able to meet with and update supporters and partners of Global Action UK across the country.  It was great to see those of you who were able to come out and join us at the events that were taking place across the country.

While Igor was with us he shared about coordinating training for Gypsy (Roma) pastors in Western Ukraine.  It was inspiring to hear the testimonies of two of the pastors we have trained, who have come from incredibly disadvantaged circumstances to lead churches which are seeing many come to Christ among the Roma communities.

Thank you for your continued support.  If you’d like to meet with any of our international speakers when they’re in the country, or would like to book them to speak at your church, please get in contact with me on ewoolley@globalaction.com or 07740 841 460.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support.

Many blessings,

Euan Woolley
Global Action UK