A Good Year's Work

Igor Grishajev, national director Ukraine, shares about what we have accomplished this year in Uzzhorod, some testimonies of those we have trained, and his plans for training next year.

This year we graduated 25 pastors and church leaders from 5 churches across Uzzhorod.  Each of them have shared the knowledge and skills they gained through GLOMOS (our leadership training programme) with 3-4 leaders in their home churches, ministries and cell-groups.  So in total, we have helped equip 75 pastors and leaders this year.

Not only are these leaders running churches, many are also using the skills they learned during GLOMOS to initiate other ministries, providing vital services to their communities.  One such example is summer camps.  Several of our graduate leaders are running fun and exciting summer camps for the most disadvantaged children in their communities; children who would never usually experience such opportunities.  At these camps the children receive good food, make new friends, and hear about their Saviour’s love for them.  Already many young people have committed to Christ this year as a result of these camps.

Above left and centre: RJ Koerper (GA international director) teaching in Uzzhorod; Right: class graduation
Below left: Andrei Poletajev; Below centre: Angela Biletskaya; Below right: Irina Lavrenenova

GLOMOS graduates’ testimonies

Andrei Poletajev, pastor of the church “Victory”, Uzhgorod, Ukraine. 2016 Graduate.
I liked GLOMOS course for the ability to avoid the inter-denomination barriers and focus the students' attention on Christ. I appreciated this and this is correct. Praise the Lord!

Irina Lavrenenova, pastor of the women ministry in Gypsy Christian church, Grace, Kholmok, Ukraine. The best student of 2016.
I am very grateful to the teachers for devoting their valuable time to teach us. I learned many useful and important things from their experience, which will impact my church ministry.

Angela Biletskaya, pastor of women ministry of the Gypsy Christian church, “Jesus Christ”, Ukraine. 2016 Graduate.
The course touched my heart; I liked the teachers who shared their life experience. This is useful and I will apply the experience in my ministry and in my life. Thank you.


GLOMOS graduates in Uzzhorod 2016

GLOMOS graduates in Uzzhorod 2016

GLOMOS training 2016-2017

We anticipate that 40 young leaders will attend GLOMOS and will then return to their local churches, where they will then train another 120 core leaders in their churches.

Please pray:

1.       For the young leaders who will be attending GLOMOS, that their hearts would be on fire to receive from the Lord, so that we can then train them for their ministries.

2.       That all of the new students will actively make more disciples throughout the country.

3.       For believers, that they will receive the faith and courage they need during these difficult times.

4.       For financial resources to train more pastors and leaders.  As Philippians 4:19 assures us, “…my God will supply every need of yours according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus…”

5.       That God would give order and wisdom to develop strategies and best practices as well as mobilise needed resources for Global Action Ukraine.

1-day seminars

We are due soon to hold a one-day seminar for local church leaders across across Lviv and Uzzhorod.  This will help aid our recruitment of new students for next year’s training.  The topic of the seminar is “Leadership – Tough Love” and is designed to explore some of the contemporary challenges Christian leaders face.

During the seminar we will hold promotional workshops, giving prospective students a glimpse of how the GLOMOS programme works.  We anticipate 50 pastors attending these.  These will provide an excellent opportunity to develop new relations with local pastors, as well as develop existing relationships, and will help us recruit and enrol students for GLOMOS 2016-2017.

The speaker at the seminar is Mike Wood, who has been a GLOMOS teacher since 2009.  He knows Ukrainian leaders well and they know him.

Please pray:

1.       That last minute details will come together and the event goes smoothly

2.       For all the speakers and interpreters serving at the seminar, that the message would be communicated clearly and powerfully.

3.       That God would give order and wisdom to develop strategies and best practices as well as mobilise needed resources for Global Action Ukraine.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support.