An introduction to a GLOMOS lecturer

Above: Mike and Lesley Wood (left); Mike and Lesley ministering to trainee ministers in Uzzhorod (right)


Rev Mike Wood is one of the UK trustees for Global Action, as well as being a GLOMOS lecturer.  Here he shares a little of his testimony, as well as his experiences teaching and mentoring emerging leaders in the developing world.

God has opened some powerful doors of opportunity for Lesley, my wife, and myself. I "retired" some 10 years ago from my role as Senior pastor in a significant Baptist Church in South London. Some fellow pastors prayed for me and prophesied over me.  Not something that happens very often. They spoke into my life that I would be called to travel and to preach in South America, Eastern Europe and Asia.  Global Action encouraged me to write a book on leadership. "Leading the Jesus Way". Then I have been invitedto teach in thetraining modulesofGLOMOS and I have enjoyed sharing my many yearsof experiencewith emerging leadersin India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, and the Ukraine. We have been delighted with the response from students who have listened prayerfully but also come forward for prayers for blessing, encouragement and healing. We have been strongly aware how God is at work and the Kingdom increasing. This season of blessing has impacted our ministry in the UK, Spain and Sweden. It has also been a huge privilege to serve on the UK Global Action board. I always look forward to our meetings with excitement. We travel again to the Ukraine next week and again next year. Please continue to pray for this challenging and adventurous ministry of Global Action.  It has been a joy to play asmall part in this fruitful andsignificant vision.  The doors are still opening. Opportunities to serve in practical ways lie before us all. Step out of your comfort zones and respond with faith and love, love, love.

Rev. Mike Wood currently serves as South West London district minister for the London Baptist Association, where he provides mentoring and support for local ministers from a range of denominations and cultural backgrounds.