Gateshead School runs India Blankets Fundraiser

We are beginning our annual appeal to raise funds to buy warm winter blankets for the most vulnerable people in Northern India, where it gets very cold each winter.  In the coldest months of January and February, the temperatures can drop to –2 degrees, leading to many deaths due to cold-related diseases.

Each year, working alongside our graduate leaders in India and their churches, we buy and distribute hundreds of blankets to North Indian communities, saving hundreds of lives.  These blankets only cost £3, but each one can save a life.

Last month, St Alban’s primary school in Gateshead ran a blanket banquet (if you remember from the last newsletter, this was the school that Igor, Tanya and I visited back in May).  Children brought in a blanket from home to sit on and donated £1 each to buy a cake, baked by families and staff.

Through this effort they were able to raise £263—which will allow us to provide 87 blankets to those most vulnerable to the cold.

Referring to the children’s generosity, Amit Mondal, national coordinator in India said: “This is the best and biggest gift ever!...we are blessed by [the children] and we love them so much as Jesus says ‘For the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to such as these’”.

If you would like to contribute towards this appeal you can. It costs £3 to buy a blanket and you can give via text—just text GABA44 £3 to 70070 to gift one blanket to needy communities in North India.  If you want to give more than one blanket, you can give in multiples of £3.  i.e. two blankets would mean texting GABA44 £6 to 70070.  You can give up to £10 in any one text gift.