A Secret Faith...

S. Steven is one of the current ministry trainees at our newest training location in Coastal Andhra.

Steven came from a Hindu background, but was converted as a child.  This is his story.

As long as he can remember, Steven has always been fond of music.  He remembers as a child, eagerly listening to the worship songs drifting across from the church behind his house.  As a Hindu, the church seemed terribly unfamiliar, not somewhere he felt he could visit.  But he loved their music.  So, instead of going in, he would loiter outside the church entrance, peeking through, trying to get a glimpse of the shiny, cheerful band playing at the front of the church.

One evening, the church pastor noticed him standing outside the doors and beckoned him in.  Reluctantly, Steven entered.  The pastor sat him down and explained to him the meaning of all the songs they were singing.  It was a magical experience for him.

Over the subsequent weeks, Steven went back to the church on multiple occasions.  During these visits the pastor continued to speak with Steven, and eventually shared the gospel with him.  It wasn’t long before Steven accepted Christ, and his life began to change.

In those days he accepted Christ as his friend.  But he had to hide his new found faith from his parents.  Somehow, however, his mother realised he had become a Christian.  But she never stopped him from going to church.

At home his mother and elder brothers watched as Steven’s behaviour changed, and as he developed as a leader.  These changes were a silent testimony of the positive influence of his faith.  As a result, his mother and brothers kept silent about their suspicions.

As Steven got older, he began to share his Christian faith with his mother and brothers.  Because they could see his conviction, they listened carefully to what he had to say.

When Steven went to college, he decided to get baptised.  This was a watershed moment in his life.  After being baptised, be started regularly sharing his faith with everyone around him.  He shared the gospel with his family and took each of them to meet the pastor, and in 2013 his mother and brothers accepted Christ.

Now he is in his final year of a Batchelor in communication.  At the same time he is working as a student minister among the college students.

For many years, one of his deepest desires has been to attend Bible School so he can deepen his understanding of scripture, and improve in his ministry.  But because of financial and time constraints, he has never been able to do this.  He always used to pray for an opportunity to go to Bible School.

When we told him about GLOMOS he praised God and thanked Global Action staff.  He is especially excited because he believes that GLOMOS training will fulfil his desire of going to Bible School – and he is particularly excited about the possibility of learning systematic theology.