Summer Camp in Eastern Ukraine

Forty-five children attended this camp, run by Christian Reformation Church.  Of these, a number were children who have been orphaned as a result of the recent crisis.  Others were disabled children who were also from disadvantaged families.

The current social and economic situation has put tremendous pressure on the majority of parents.  They can afford to pay the basic bills, but hardly anything beyond this.  A family holiday is certainly out of the question.  As a result, many parents were pleased when they heard about our summer camps and eagerly signed their children up.  

What’s been really exciting this year is seeing the growth in the children we’ve been working with.  For example, this year there were children engaged as associate leaders who attended last year’s camp as campers.  They were so impacted by their experiences they wanted to come back and serve as leaders.  We saw them working hard to welcome the new children in, helping them feel comfortable in their new surroundings.  Then, together with the adult leaders, they served the children of this camp. 

"It is about discipleship.  We trained those who trained our new campers this year."

During our six-day camp we had a lot of activities and fellowship with campers.  This included Bible lessons with interactive discussions in the morning, team games and activities, swimming, music and Christian songs, and mentoring with camp leaders.

Every activity and game we performed aims to bring the Gospel truth to the children’s heart – each game has a Christian conclusion.  After the Bible lessons, we always spent time talking through the topics of the day with the children.  The children often opened their hearts to Jesus in personal communication.

Svetlana Brizka

Her family suffers from the current difficult economic climate.  Her mother is disabled due to a heart condition.  Her father is an alcoholic who left the family.  They currently live in her grandmothers flat, but she is trying to evict them.

Sveta attended our summer bible camp.  While she was there she prayed to receive Christ into her life along with 40 of the other campers.

When she got home she shared this news with her mother.  It touched her mother.  Both Sveta and her mother are now seeking spiritual support from the church.  The Lord is working in their hearts!

Maxim Puly

 Maxim attended this year’s camp and became a Christian while at the camp.  He then shared this new with his grandmother when he got home – his grandmother is the only parent to him.  She saw such a dramatic change in his behaviour on his return that she took a real interest in his decision to receive Christ.  Maxim and his grandmother have started attending church.