Graduations in Honduras and Guatemala

This year, because of your support we’ve been able to train and equip 289 pastors and leaders across Honduras and Guatemala.  It’s been a particularly exciting year as many of our current student leaders have been recruited by leaders we’ve trained in previous years.  Those seasoned leaders are now helping to nurture other local leaders.  And part of that has involved recruiting them to Global Action training.  We believe this is just the beginning.  We are seeing an explosion of church planters stepping up to minister, especially in Honduras.  And if anywhere needs the church to step up and make a difference within a community, it is Honduras, where violence rates are unparalleled.

Please keep praying for these church leaders.  They are working in very dangerous places, yet there is such a huge need for their input.  They alone, more than government initiatives, can bring peace and redemption to their communities.

Graduation time is an important facet of the training cycle.  During these ceremonies we can celebrate success with the leaders we’ve trained.  We see again and again eyes filled with tears of joy as leaders reach the end of their training and celebrate with friends and colleagues.  Moreover, the ceremonies mean we can commission leaders for the next stage of their ministries.

This month (September) we’re holding graduation ceremonies for 29 students at three locations in Honduras.  One of these ceremonies will double as a wedding ceremony for one of our students!

In October 239 students from four courses will attend ceremonies in locations in Honduras and Guatemala.

Finally, in November 11 leaders will graduate at a makeshift ceremony taking place in the prison chapel of the notorious San Pedro Sula prison.

The ceremony at San Pedro Sula prison is noteworthy as all the students here are prison inmates.  All have come to Christ, and have since committed to serving God in the prison.  Many are actively church planting.  Many of our former students have also set up micro-enterprise projects in the prison, providing support and help to the many troubled people in the prison.  As I’ve mentioned before, the work carried out by our graduate leaders within the prison has led to a dramatic reduction in death rates within the prison.

Please pray for the graduation ceremonies.  Pray that they would be carried out without hitch.  Pray that the graduates would feel encouraged and blessed by the experiences.  Pray for those officiating and leading the ceremonies, pray that God would speak through them.


If you would like to send a message of support or encouragement to those graduating over the next few months, please contact me on with your message.

Thank you for your support,

Euan Woolley
Global Action UK