Prayer Requests...

-Please pray for Edwin Avilez and his church who have recently been affected by a gang shooting.  Pray for healing for those injured during the shoot-out.  Pray for the family of the person killed.  Pray for the gangs, that God would bring them to Himself, and that He would bring peace to Honduras.

-Please pray for Gloria Fernandez (national director in Honduras) and her family.  Her and her husband recently had to evacuate their children to the USA as life is too dangerous for them in San Pedro Sula.  Pray that God would bless their family.

-Please pray for wisdom for our staff as we continue to work on re-writing our training curriculum, so it can be the best it can be.

-Pray for the students due to graduate in Honduras and Guatemala over the next few months.  Pray that the ceremonies go well.  That the leaders are encouraged.  And that God blesses them as they take their next steps into church leadership.


-As always, please let us know if you have any prayer requests that we can pass on to the Global Action community around the world.