Pastor Guatam

Above, left and middle: Pastor Guatam; Right: Jaigaon, where we're training 15 Bhutanese Pastors

Pastor Guatam is one of our current students at our Jaigaon training centre on the Indo-Bhutanese border.

Once known as the “Witch Doctor King” of Bhutan, he was the man to visit when you wanted to put a curse on someone.

After a dramatic encounter with a Christian, he gave his life to Christ and embarked on a ministry of healing. In fact, it turned out he had a gift for healing far surpassing his former powers to curse.

As he travelled around the country healing people, people began to enquire about Jesus, and Guatam started leading them to the Lord.

He was desperate to minister effectively to these new converts and looked around for someone to teach him how to disciple Christians. But there was no-one available.

Finally, Global Action set up their Global Church Foundations training in the area and Guatam enrolled on the course. He has since shared what a difference the training has made to his ministry.

Guatam is one of many leaders we have trained in Bhutan.