Blankets for India

Parvathi with Amit

Parvathi with Amit

Each year Global Action distributes hundreds of blankets to the poorest families and communities across north-eastern India.  In this region it gets extremely cold in the winter, and each year many people die from the cold or cold-related diseases because they lack warm clothes and bedding.  This year, because of your generous support Global Action was able to distribute over three-hundred and fifty blankets to those most in need.  These blankets save lives.

One lady that we helped was eighty-six year old Parvathi.  Parvathi lives in dire poverty with her son, a daily-wage labourer.  His income is meagre and unpredictable.  Because of this, they are unable to clothe or feed themselves properly, leaving them especially vulnerable to the cold.

When Amit Mondal (Indian National Administrator) met Parvathi in the middle of winter and gave her a blanket, she was overwhelmed with joy.  She couldn’t believe someone would care enough about her to give her a gift like this.  Amit then took the opportunity to share the gospel, and to tell her about Jesus’ love.  Parvathi responded by saying that although she wasn’t a Christian, and had never heard of Jesus before, she said she loved Jesus “because he loves poor people”.   Amit left her filled with gratitude over her new gift.

A few weeks later, Pastor Isaac, one of our graduate pastors, was preaching in the same region.  We were able to train Pastor Isaac a few years ago because of donations from the UK.  He happened to be speaking with Parvathi and shared the gospel with her.  At this point she received Christ.

Parvathi is now attending a local church and God is working in her heart.

This ministry was only possible because of your prayers and generous support.  Thank you for partnering with us in this essential ministry.  I hope as you hear stories like this you are encouraged by what God is doing in India and other parts of the world.