Reaching an Unreached People Group

Mountains of Intibuca, courtesy of Intibucatv

Mountains of Intibuca, courtesy of Intibucatv

High in the mountainous region of Intibuca, in Western Honduras, live the Lencas tribe, currently an unreached people group.  Intibuca is the most mountainous region of Honduras, with densely wooded peaks and rocky outcrops reaching up to 3,000 metres above sea level.  Because of the mountainous terrain and dense woodland, travel to and around Intibuca is very difficult.  Perhaps this is why the Lencas tribe has had such little Christian influence.

However, Gloria Fernandez, national director of Global Action in Honduras, is determined to reach this people group.  “We have a vision to reach all 8 ethnic groups within Honduras”, she explains.  “So far we have only reached 3 of these”.  And there is a great need to reach this particular people group.

Although there are churches serving the Lencas, the pastors of these churches have very little contact with the wider church.  “They are very isolated”, explains Gloria.  “They don’t get paid; sometimes the church’s collection is just one dollar.”  Because of this, their families live in great poverty.

Gloria is planning on leading an expedition to bring care packages for the pastors’ families.  They will provide them with the basic essentials they need for living.  This will be a huge encouragement to them.  It will also begin to build bridges with their hitherto disconnected Christian community.  The hope is that they will begin to raise awareness of Global Action’s training, so that those pastors that desire it will have the opportunity to participate in the training we provide.  We hope to bless those pastors, and to help them as they carry out their great work in a very remote part of the country.