Training in Jaigaon

Students at the Jaigaon centre outside the training centre

Students at the Jaigaon centre outside the training centre

Amit Mondal, Global Action’s National Administrator in India recently travelled to Jaigaon, where he met the leaders we’ve started training at our latest centre.  Jaigaon is based high up in the Himalayas, on the border between India and Bhutan.  Here we train 18 Bhutanese Christian leaders who travel across the border to receive training.

Bhutan was until recently a closed country.  Even tourists were unable to enter the country.  Because of this, it was difficult for missionaries to access the country.  In fact, until recently there was only one church for the entire country (source: Bhutanese Christian Services Centre NGO, 2002).  Because the expansion in churches is so new, our training in Bhutan is equipping the first generation of Christian leaders in this country.

Amit shares his experience of meeting our students in Jaigaon:

‘This is my great joy to share with you about my recent experience when I met with our 15 loving and adorable brothers in Jaigaon. 

‘When we reached our school, they had already completed [the first module] Old Testament Survey and they were studying New Testament Survey.  At the end of the day, when their class finished, they welcomed us with great smiles on their faces, and with open arms. Before I asked anything, they started sharing with me the reason for their joy. The first thing they said to me was: “we are very happy and excited to be part of this training programme.  We praise God for GLOMOS, because we never expected anything like this before and we had prayed that God should teach us His Word. It was a wonderful experience to know and understand the books of the Old Testament in a whole new way.”

‘They couldn’t stop praising God. 

‘Most of the students come from hilly villages towards the centre of the country.  To reach our training, most walked four or five hours before catching a bus to Jaigaon.  This shows the level of commitment to the training these leaders have. 

‘One of our students, P David Rai, travelled two days to reach the school. David was in prison when he accepted Christ, and the high justice fined him 4,00,000 Bhutanese Ngultrum (about £5000) because he preached the Gospel.  

‘Another brother, Ngawang Jurmen, accepted Christ when he came out of his coma after 65 days.  He gave his life to Christ and never married.  He is a “homeless” person; he travels from place to place to preach the gospel, and three times he’s been imprisoned for carrying out this mission.  

‘Brother Tamang was a Buddhist monk who accepted Christ when he got healed and came out of his death bed.  

‘Brother Lukas Rai travels fifteen hours to reach the school.  He says: “I have been praying for GLOMOS training for the last four years after missing it the first time, when it was conducted in Kalimpong; God is kind to me”. Kalimpong is 22 hours travel from his village.

‘All 15 students shared their wonderful testimonies of how Christ changed their life.   

‘Most of them have been in prison for preaching and sharing Gospel, and all of them had no biblical training before GLOMOS.’