Gracias! Gloria a Dios! Thank You!

Bob Smith

Bob Smith

"Those are the words my wife, Wendy, and I heard over and over again at our most recent pastor’s training in Guatemala and Honduras. Twenty-eight pastors from Honduras received vital training on church planting and effective community outreach—and are filled with praise and gratitude as they prepare to share the Good News of the gospel of Jesus Christ. We are praising the Lord today for the marvellous work that has been done. And, we praise God for the faithful support and prayers of donors like you!"

Your generous gifts to Global Action have made this Kingdom work possible!

Here’s the amazing part. Each of these pastors who has been trained will now be able to train additional leaders in their local communities and host an outreach to plant a church. This training can result in over 300 new churches planted in Central America. Imagine the thousands of lives that will come to know Jesus because of this training.

We praise God for what He has done in the lives of these believers. And, we thank God for you. Because of your gifts, 66,000 people weekly attend churches in Central America where pastors have been trained by Global Action-funded programs. However, there are thousands more needing foundational Bible training that can’t receive it without your help. Our goal is to train over 700 pastors and leaders over the next 12 months.

One of our graduate pastors, Marvin, had a dramatic life-and-death conversion experience that changed his life forever. After serving as a guerrilla soldier for 12 years with the Sandinistas in Nicaragua, he saved enough money to open a bar in his tiny town. He married a Christian woman who was praying for his salvation. But he wasn’t interested in what God wanted him to do—until one night, he collapsed and knew he was dying.

He made a vow, “If you take me out of this, I will preach your word.”

Marvin had a dream in which he heard a voice telling him not to waste any time and start a church. A few friends gave him money to plant a church. That was 10 years ago. He had a strong testimony. A love for God’s world. But absolutely no Biblical training. Without training to lead his congregation, it was difficult for Marvin to keep members in his church. Attendance dwindled.

Pastor Marvin celebrates his graduation.

Marvin heard about our training programme and signed up. He sacrificed greatly to attend the eight monthly teaching sessions, riding a bus for 9 hours each way to the site.

Today, Marvin has 100 adults in his congregation. And that’s not all. Marvin has already planted another church that has 50 members and brought that young pastor to training courses as well. Now, these two pastors are equipped to “make disciples” in a remote area of Nicaragua greatly in need of churches and pastors.

“This is the only training I have ever had to be a pastor. That’s why we get passionate about class and learning because it’s the first classes we have ever received.”

Throughout the world, Global Action holds Global Church Foundations classes to train other pastors like Marvin to equip them to spread the Gospel in the remotest areas of our world. By training local pastors, these areas are experiencing a sustainable Gospel movement. Churches are growing, lives are changed, and hard to reach people are coming to know Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour.

It is estimated that 85% of pastors in the developing world do not have any formal Biblical training. And, most pastors in the developing world have less than one hour of Bible training!

"Your donations can be an answer to prayer for a young pastor who has no other hope of receiving Biblical training.  Please do continue to support this impacting work and thank you for your continued prayers!"


Bob Smith
Global Action USA, Chairman of the Board