GLOMOS Ukraine Graduate Student Spotlight

Pastor Konstantin

Pastor Konstantin (left) with Igor Grishajev, GLOMOS leader (right)

Pastor Konstantin's story is an example of how God works through GLOMOS in multiple ways.

Pastor Konstantin lives in the Ukraine with his wife and children. But for 8 years, they could not have children beyond the two they already had. In 2016, GLOMOS advocates Mike and Lesley Wood began praying for Konstantin and his wife. Since then, Konstantin's wife has given birth to two children almost every year!

We asked Pastor Konstantin to provide us with some photos of him with his family, so you can see evidence of this blessing. As you can imagine, with half a dozen children and several of them being under the age of 5, it's difficult to find time to take pictures, let alone share them. We delight in hearing about the abundance of love and family Konstantin is experiencing! God is great!

So not only does God use trained GLOMOS pastors to reach people within communities who need to hear His message, but he also works to strengthen faith and individual spiritual growth within the hearts of GLOMOS pastors.