GLOMOS Student Spotlight - 'A Mountain Musician'


I am from Bijanbari and born and raised amidst of a place full of mountain ranges and valleys. There, I found myself growing with an artistic attitude towards life. The days out here are way different from living in any city or town. As I physically lived in peaks in valleys, I, too, emotionally have experienced stages of highs and lows. This instability led me to cling to music, something to feel the void. It strangled the need for God and altered my existence of reality. And as a young person, music hovered as a source to stabilise my emotional being.

Now, I have encountered the real music of my life ... Jesus Christ. He is truly a God who can turn every weakness into strength. One evening, a musical event became a guiding force to change my life for His glory. As a teenager, my friend took me to hear gospel music. The words of those songs caught my mind and heart and made me wonder whether someone shared my emotional struggle to the song writer. I was deeply touched and that evening, during the altar call, I gave my life to Christ. Since I was a musician already, I pondered more and more as I heard Gospel music and started changing my thinking pattern and priorities. This also led me to love to read the word of God, especially psalms and the life of David. When I learned about David, I was stunned to know his temptations were as real as mine. My life transformation began, and still today it’s changing me. I remember the song that says, "He is still working on me."

As I crossed my teenage stage and came in advanced years, I realised there are many young lives around my vicinity that are growing up with unanswered questions who need serious attention and mentoring. Hence, I decided to equip myself with sound biblical doctrine ... but there was a hindrance to this plan. I was not ready for seminary training due to lack of finances and responsibilities. God graciously opened doors for me by introducing GLOMOS in our region. I couldn’t go to Bible college but the Lord bought Bible college right in my hometown. I desire to sincerely focus on youth ministry. As the Lord answered my heart's cry, I am certain there is greater work to be accomplished.