GLOMOS Bhutan Student Spotlight - A Warrior in a Closed Nation

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Bhutan is known for its beauty and its religion (Buddhism). Also, it is known as a nation which is ruled by a Buddhist monarchy. Our student, Habel, was very close to the king, Jigme Singye. In fact, Habel was one of the king’s personal bodyguards. His faithfulness to the king strengthened his relationship with the monarch. However, God had a different plan for Habel.  He faced physical challenges due to excessive drinking.  As a result, he couldn’t continue his duty to his king. When he had lost all hope in Hinduism and Buddhism, a miracle happened in his life and he accepted Christ as his personal Lord and Saviour.

In 1990, when he was completely healed from his alcohol related sickness, his king called him back into service but he refused and said that “I have found my true King and I want to join His army.” Since then, he started his evangelical work among the Bhutanese people. In spite of facing persecution, he never stopped because he believed that Christ wanted him to preach the Gospel amongst the unreached.

After some time, Habel started facing challenges because of his lack of understanding of the Bible. He started praying for theological training, but due to limited finance and family concerns, he couldn’t join a seminary. Also, as a Buddhist nation, there are no Christian seminaries in Bhutan. So, when he heard about GLOMOS he felt that God was answering his prayers and he joined the program.

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Habel says “GLOMOS is the backbone of my ministry, it gave me knowledge and understanding about the Bible. It helped me in my communication and it also developed my preaching. In a closed nation like ours, GLOMOS is a ray of hope and an answer to many prayers.”

Habel started a GLOMOS multiplication program in his church with 10 young leaders. This year he sent 10 more leaders to join GLOMOS. There are hundreds of leaders like Habel in that nation who need to be trained. Your support and prayers can make the difference.