GLOMOS Ukraine Graduate Student Spotlight - May 2019

I’m very grateful for the opportunity to study GLOMOS. The training is so relevant and practical. It has greatly enriched my ministry to youth and teenagers, and provided a strong biblical foundation which helps me all the time!

Katerina Borodenko.jpg

After graduating from GLOMOS, I had a great opportunity to serve people using the knowledge and experience I obtained there. Here is what I have been doing since I graduated GLOMOS in 2013:

I preach the Gospel to young people in and outside the church. Each year we’ve been witnessing how boys and girls are changing and become transformed through ministering in the power and glory of God at our summer and winter youth camps. Teenagers, youth and adults get saved, baptised in water and in the Holy Spirit at our camps.

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Also, I lead a house group for teenagers in a suburb of Poltava. Some time ago, together with the youth team, we organised an outreach there. Many children came to hear the good news about salvation and prayed a repentance prayer. Afterwards, all of them came to our house – there were more than twenty of them. We continue to preach to children, taking the opportunity to reach out to their parents.

We see a great need in these families, and we would like to support somehow these teenagers and youth. Many of them live in poverty. We need to raise support for this ministry so that those youngsters would grow in the truth and become good followers of Jesus Christ, sharing the good news with others.

Also, we intend to organise more events for the youth – conferences, seminars, schools, encounters. I can now see how beneficial it has been to study GLOMOS which has resulted in a more fruitful ministry.